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Ventura County, CA.

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Do you offer individual registration?

We now offer individual registration and one-on-one classes. This is done by taking one of our blended online courses. You review all the materials online, then schedule a hands-on skills session with an instructor. Contact us for more information.

Do you have a training center / classroom?

No we do not. We are 100% mobile. We teach all classes at your location. 

All classes are private group classes offered to various organizations, schools, government agencies, companies, preschools, small home classes, etc.

Do you offer classes in Spanish?

Sorry, we do not. We hope to in the near future.

Do you offer any first aid supplies?

We do have CPR Keychains and various models of AED packages for sale. For all other first aid items, we would be happy to refer you to an outstanding local vendor.

Are your classes Red Cross or American Heart Association?

Neither. We use EMS Safety and Medic First Aid curriculum and materials. However, our curriculum follows the national guidelines and standards set by the American Heart Association and are OSHA compliant. EMS Safety and Medic First Aid curriculum is recognized in all 50 states

How long is a class?

Classes are typically 5-8 hours in length depending on what topics are included in the training course (i.e. CPR only, First Aid & CPR, etc.). 

Blended online courses are done at your pace. The in person skills session is about two hours.

All childcare classes are 8 hours in length per the State of California EMSA guidelines.